22 जून, 2014

Indian Farmer's reality:Article by Manik

Indian Farmer's reality

In contexts that determine today's reality of Indian hemp farmers of fifty three distinct from movies like Do Bigha Zameen, which is in many ways a very pleasant sensation. Changulbre its surrounding environment is beginning to assess farmers today. Better value than what they are getting in return for your hard work. After the independence of India and the persistent peasant husbandry has changed in the round. This change in yields Ijhafe Fsliy of the peasantry as well as socio-economic progress draws our attention to the other. Many announcements we see so many of our fellow farmers face appears almost gleefully. According to today's farmers now aware and conscious of their rights is sufficient. However new technology to take advantage of agronomy or in captive banks to issue loans. Now he is not afraid of the woods. The results are promising that a legion of young farmers call center chat with farmers and agriculture department has learned manners of surfing websites.Muamle purchase more Hstkshepbri the government should play a role in the farmers could get a better price. It is also true that today's farmers even now in this journey - to become aware of evil., He fashioned the homologous clever. Cara conventional farming means (range) Breaking Now he has learned to Ketikisani better with scientific methods.

Green Revolution and White Revolution in its early stages tends to make big emolument mills of farmers at village - without leaving the country - State considers its position among the all the latest news. Speed ​​fashioned according to the grain farmers are now planting, harvesting, storage and intermediaries on a trip to the endorsement, Seton, moneylenders and markets into the system - the part that got to understand. Crop and livestock insurance schemes like the government is now Access has come. The amount of fertilizer, pesticides name, seeds are new and profitable brand recall her mouth. Farmers Conference, Building farmer, the farmer's partner, soil testing, greenhouses, poly houses such terminology is not beyond his grasp. Peasantry as needed in the school has come a growing awareness of changes also Ketigt. Aside for a new generationMany multinational companies are expensive and exotic seeds and manure crops provide a golden dreams were shown., but yields came in large part a result of the sudden fall in prices root shook the Kisanwarg. Business benefits to all companies that mathematics was successful in his mission. The farmer sat in deep despair. We not only want to hear and see the truth.

Chittorgarh professor Dr. Rajesh Choudhary believed in Hindi Munshi Premchand's novel of the warehouse and the Meriganj Phanishwarnath Renu facing the muddy farmer now changed and today's rural landscape - has changed. SEZ project in our view there are several Muamle farmer's land - love is constantly discouraged. After eviction from their land, farmers have had to settle for much less further compensation. The result was only a bullock cart with the farmer's tractor. Village, there are motorcycles. So many characteristic changes in farming have been the keepers.

Now in this era of globalization, the farmer has to compete directly with companies large and marketable. Farmers own their limited resources, competition in the open field itself is going through a difficult Dabne. Here are all-out attack. Crops, low prices, lack of storage facilities, earthy Seton compulsion to sell the grain, the soaring price of labor, expensive fertilizer - seed as many equations are obstructed in its development today. Due to increasing industrialization in the country and expand farmers' land big - big business are increasingly buying. There is growing Fektrian of farming land. Husbandry is to decrease the number of holdings. Except in the circumstances of the desperate situation of peasant farming in the city have got another ploy to Dndepani. Here we Singur, Nandigram and remember the words are like Vidarbha Sbdbr just simply can not. Falling water levels and climatic conditions of the traitorous farmer himself is starting to feel a bit cheated. So painful to hear the statement that farmers think their hard - earned the right price does not have to ever return.

Still scope for improvement in the financial health of farmers. We are a developed country like the economy Bedchal under cultivation in India can not abruptly change the way England would have had. There are over farming completely and only Fektrion forest on all sides.Write imply that the remaining part still support farmers around and continued to cultivate grain fill your home as a result we are able to still. Farmer's interest in the electricity, water, roads, Shitgrh, adequate and better market facilities in villages rose as well, so maybe it would be much nicer. Let us all together in our society rather Protect farmers and farming. Learn Adrna farmer's work. Lush crops parallel to customs photographed between us little about the condition of the farmer Vicharen realistic. Marketplace circumjacent charm and trapped in barbed equations in the overall society, a society of farmers how to stay safe Competition tended to keep to themselves, to ponder over this.

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